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Expert Pest Control To Protect Your Home & Family

Since 1976 Ban-a-Bug Pest Control has protected homes throughout Charlotte, Lee, DeSoto, and Sarasota Counties with safe and effective pest control solutions. Protecting you and your family from pests is Ban-a-Bug’s number one priority. With high-quality pest control services, licensed and trained technicians, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee – we know you’ll be happy when you partner with us! 

Ban-a-Bug Pest Protection Plans

At Ban-a-Bug, we take the hassle out of pest control. Our technicians are available for same-day services, emergency services, and we can handle most pest problems on the very first visit. Here are a few of our popular pest control solutions: 

pest technician speaking with homeowner

Year-Round Pest Protection

With our year-round pass protection plan, your home is protected from all of Florida’s common pests. This includes spiders, cockroaches, rodents, and all other common household pests. This is the ideal plan for protecting your family from the most common invaders inside of and around your home. With our year-round plan, we offer flexible packages including monthly, quarterly, and yearly pest control. 

T.L.C. Program

Our T.L.C. program is designed to keep your lawn free from pests and keep your lawn looking lush all year. The T.L.C. program is ideal for pet owners who want to keep fleas, ticks, and other common lawn pests out of their grass and off of their pets. In addition to keeping the pests away, the T.L.C program also includes fertilizing your lawn, weed control, and fungus control to keep your lawn looking its best. 

One-Time Treatments

If you’ve noticed signs of ants, cockroaches, or any other pest around your home, then a one-time service might be just what you need. With a one-time treatment, your technician will perform a thorough inspection of your home to determine the types of pests, where they’re coming from, where they’re nesting, and how they’re entering your home. From there, they’ll create a customized solution designed to eliminate the pests quickly and safely. After the initial treatment, they’ll also help you with tips to prevent the problem from coming back. 

Our Pest Control Process

Pest inspection with homeowner


During the initial inspection, your technician will look for potential entry points, evaluate which pests you’re dealing with, assess the extent of the infestation, and create a customized plan to eliminate the pests. 

pest control treatment - pest tech spraying under counter


As soon as you give us the green light on the service, we’ll put our targeted plan into effect. The initial treatment process and solutions used will depend on your specific situation but may include spraying, baits, exclusion, and more. 

pest control tech shaking hands with homeowner

Follow Up

Whether you sign up for year-round pest management or a one-time service, we’re always available to follow up on your service if you’re not 100% satisfied. With our year-round pest plans, we come back regularly to re-inspect and re-treat your home – ensuring that your pest problem never comes back. 


Call today to schedule your free Termite Evaluation

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Our Pest Control Services

When it comes to home pest control, Ban-a-Bug is your one-stop-shop! Our team can take care of all pest problems quickly, safely, and effectively. We offer a wide variety of general pest control services so don’t worry if you don’t see your pest below. We also offer targeted pest control solutions for bed bugs, termites, mosquitoes, and more so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a question or need extermination services.

Ant pest control - fire ant on pine tree up close

Ant Control

Ants can invade your home in a million different ways and be a frustrating problem to deal with. Fortunately, our Ban-a-Bug experts can eliminate ants quickly, effectively, and keep them from ever invading your house again. 

Rodent pest control - large grey and brown rodent on ledge

Rodent Control

Rodents can become a hazard to your health for several reasons. They can chew through wiring and create fire hazards and they can transport fleas and ticks into your home. At Ban-a-Bug, we’re experts in rodent control and we can safely remove rodents and keep them out. 

Florida flea and tick pest control - tick on blade of grass up close

Flea & Tick Control

Fleas and ticks are vectors for a number of diseases including Lyme disease, the plague, and more. Needless to say, you don’t want them around your family or pets. Ban-a-Bug offers comprehensive indoor & outdoor treatments to eliminate fleas & ticks fast and keep them away. 

Florida cockroach pest control - Florida cockroach up close on sidewalk

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches aren’t just creepy, they can also spread bacteria to your dishes, utensils, food, and kitchen surfaces – putting you and your family’s health at risk. Call Ban-a-Bug for comprehensive cockroach solutions that eliminate roaches fast. We’ll kill existing infestations and protect your home with an invisible barrier that keeps working long after we’re gone. 

bed bug pest control - bed bug up close on furniture

Bed Bug Control

Bed Bugs are nearly impossible to exterminate on your own. They can hide almost anywhere, spread quickly, and are resistant to nearly every store-bought insecticide. The moment you realize you have bed bugs, reach out to Ban-a-Bug. We can quickly and fully eliminate bed bugs so you can peacefully sleep again. 

large black spider on leaf up close - spider pest control

Spider Control

While most spiders are harmless, that doesn’t mean you want them in your house. If you have spiders around your house or making their way indoors, give us a call. Our expertly trained technicians can sweep your eaves and overhangs, put an invisible barrier around your home, and eliminate existing infestations fast. 

termites on log up close

Termite Control

If you haven’t had a termite inspection or treatment in several years, call Ban-a-Bug. Our termite specialists can perform a thorough inspection, treatment, and ongoing termite monitoring to ensure your home is always free and clear. 

large moth on green leaf up close

Moth Control

Whether you have Indian meal moths in your pantry or clothes moths in your closet, we have a solution for you. We’ll treat your pantry, closet, and surrounding cracks and crevices to ensure the moths are gone for good. 

bee and wasp pest control - bees up close on honeycomb

Bee & Wasp Control

Bees and wasps are our friends until they get a little too close to home. Ban-a-Bug can eliminate wasps and their nests, move beehives, and ensure that they don’t return to nest in that spot again. When it comes to bee & wasp control, the experts at Ban-a-Bug are the best in the business. 

Protect Your Home From Pests With Ban-a-Bug

Keeping you and your family safe from pests is our number one priority. When you hire the professionals at Ban-a-Bug, you can rest assured that our highly experienced technicians have the tools, training, and skills to handle any pest problem you’re facing. Reach out to us for a quote or to schedule service and we’ll make sure your pest problem is taken care of quickly and easily.  


What Our Customers Say

Scott Gardner
Scott Gardner
Google Review
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Family-owned local business. Office staff and techs are super-professional, thorough and friendly. A pleasure to do business with!
Stephen Norton
Stephen Norton
Google Review
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We've used Ban A bug since 2013. Techs are top notch. Company is always willing to work with us as far as scheduling. Their treatments are very effective. Office staff is great. I see no reason to change.
Laurie Gaines
Laurie Gaines
Google Review
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I called with an issue late morning and they dispatched an inspector within a couple hours. I was extremely pleased with the prompt and professional service and will definitely use them again!
John Wheeler
John Wheeler
Google Review
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Quick response and professional service.
Cynthia Fredricks
Cynthia Fredricks
Google Review
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Great Customer Service. Very attentive to detail and making sure everything is to your satisfaction.
Charles Timmins
Charles Timmins
Google Review
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Quick Service and got the job done very friendly
Tina M.
Tina M.
Google Review
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Have used for 2 yrs with no issues
Angela Hunter
Angela Hunter
Google Review
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Very professional and timely.



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